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The Rental Group is a Veteran-owned company that helps mortgage companies, insurance companies, Investors, Property Owners protect their assets and mitigate risks by providing written reports and supporting photo documentation that provide its clients with relevant and reliable information whereby they can make informed decisions. How important is it to you saving thousands of dollars from a potential lawsuit for a risk that could have been detected and remedied immediately if you knew? Even if you have a Property Manager or person managing your assets, wouldn’t you want some other person or entity to check the checker. Any system having one point of failure brings a system or process to an abrupt stop or even worse, catastrophe.   

Covid-19 has brought about a lot of challenges with increased theft and vandalism to both commercial and residential properties across the United States. It is the driving force for increase in insurance premiums and cost for materials which means increased expenditures and less profit. We can help increase the odds in your favor.

We become the “eyes and ears” for our clients so you have peace of mind and the ability to make informed and intelligent decisions. We help educate and provide consultative services to help mitigate risks.

When you use our services, we help mitigate the risk, reduce costs, lessen your worry, give peace of mind, and help to increase your profits.

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